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We provide hosted, "pluginable" tools, such as:
· Technologies allowing visitors to client sites to save, link to, and recommend links to the content at client sites
· "Recommend Us" capabilities
· "Contact Us" capabilities
· Dynamic forums enabling the creation of dialogues for any subject, on the fly
· Live Chat capabilities (check out the "ChatNow" link on this site)

If you're interested in offering a very "sticky" free service to your visitors then just use the "Contact Us" link at the left (which is a perfect example of one of our applications that could very easily be plugged into your site), to inquire about a possible implementation.

An excellent example of our services can be seen at our partner site,, (just click any link in the "Headlines" box).

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to hear from you.

James R. Raposa Jr.

                 ** Some stipulations apply. A fee may need to be arranged for custom implementations.