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43 Top Automobile Picks for 2001
    [Source:Consumer Reports]
44 Top Enron Employee Political Contributors Since 1989
 What a generous bunch. How thoughtful of them to support our political machine with their hard(ly) earned dollars. Check out our link to the corporate political contributions list too.
45 U.S. Generosity Index By State
 First published in 1997, this annual list ranks states by their overall charitable contributions.
    [Source:The Catalogue for Philanthropy]
Society and Culture/Philanthropy]
46 U.S. Secretaries Of State Since 1791
 Professional, straightforward, and informative page devoted to America`s chief diplomats over the years.
    [Source:U.S. Department of State]
47 U.S. States Ranked By Size
 Nice looking page incorporating a graphic of the U.S. alongside the list. Links to individual state pages would have been nice, but it`s a useful list just the same.
48 US Federal Prisons
 Names, addresses, and phone numbers of Federal Corrections Institiutions arranged in a grid alphabetically by state, with white lettering on a blue background. You`ll need to scroll down to get to the top of the list.
    [Source:Friends on Both Sides]
US Government/Federal/Prisons]
49 Winners Of Nobel Prize For Economics
    [Source:The Nobel Prize Internet Archive]
Society and Culture/Organizations/Nobel Foundation]
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