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22 Mike Tyson`s Opponents Since 1985
 Arranged chronologically by fight date. Opponents` names link to their own pages.
23 Most Persuasive Words In Advertising
 Here`s one for you online marketers. Take my advice... bookmark it.
    [Source:National Mail Order Association]
24 Most Points Scored in the NBA
    [Source:The Sporting News]
Sports/Basketball/All-Time Records]
25 Most Produced Operas In North America
 Nice looking page listing the top ten most produced operas since the 1980-81 season. Quite a compilation.
    [Source:Opera America]
Arts and Humanities/Music/Classical]
26 Nielson Ratings Top 20 Shows
News and Media/Television]
27 Official Holidays Around The World
Society and Culture/Observances]
28 The 10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure
 Fortunately not too many people are affected by this horrible financial burden. (sarcasm alert!)
Consumer Information/Personal Finance]
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