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15 Countries Ranked By Size
 Just one of the rankings on this page. Scroll down for Smallest Countries, Highest Pop. Density, Highest Inflation, and more.
16 Countries With The Most Airports
17 Daily Entry Sweepstakes
 If you`re really into this you just might win something. Pick out a few and try them for a week or two. Soonest to expire are listed first.
18 EPL Winners Over The Years
 List of English Premier League winners since 1890. Notice the years missed due to World Wars I and II.
    [ - ListDBFile!]
19 Forbes Top Earning Dead Celebrities
 Another Forbes wealth list, but this time with a morbid twist.
Society and Culture/Wealth]
20 Important Civil War Battles
 Don`t let the amateurish appearance of this page diminish its content. Arranged chronologically by year and date, this list provides links to place names where important battles took place. The links lead to a bounty of information about each place, including narratives and maps. Nicely done.
    [Source:John`s Military History Page]
21 Marine Animal Records, Biggest, Smallest, etc.
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