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15 Scariest Movies Of All-Time
 We liked the fact that we hadn`t even heard of some of these films. There are four of them we`ll be renting over the next few weeks. Each movie name link leads to much more information including more in depth descriptions and reviews.
Entertainment/Movies/All-Time Movie Lists]
16 The 10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure
 Fortunately not too many people are affected by this horrible financial burden. (sarcasm alert!)
Consumer Information/Personal Finance]
17 The Current ``Most Fun`` North American Events
 Just the current most fun events listed here. Seems you`ll have to buy the book to see all 100.
    [Source:The Fun Also Rises]
18 Top 10 Links Appearing In Internet Web Logs
Technology/Internet/The Web/Blogs]
19 Top 100 Blogs
 As based on incoming links from other blogs. Sort of a who`s who in the blogging world.
Technology/Internet/The Web/Blogs]
20 Top 100 Most Common English Words
 Many very short words lead this list off. Check out the links to nine other lists bringing the total to 1000 words.
    [Source:Education Watch of Kansas City]
21 Top 100 U.S. Retailers
 PDF format (why it couldn`t have just been a web page, we have no idea.) Includes rankings, year-to-year variances, dollars, and units.
    [Source:STORES Magazine]
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