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8 Cars Stolen Most Often
    [Source:CNN Money]
9 Coaches with Most Wins in NFL
    [Source:The Sporting News]
Sports/Football/Professional/NFL/All-Time Records]
10 Countries Along The Equator
 This list was so tough to find, we decided to just create it ourselves. The 12 territories and countries are shown as links leading to a wealth of information about each one.
11 Countries With The Most Libraries
    [Source:The Christian Science Monitor]
12 Google Zeitgeist Page
 Webster`s Dictionary defines zeitgeist as, `The spirit of the time; the general intellectual and moral state or temper characteristic of any period of time.` This page of top search term lists is exactly that. The folks at Google have proven to not only be gifted technologists, but also that they have a knack for providing neat little tidbits like this to keep us interested.
Technology/Internet/The Web]
13 Religious Affiliation of History`s 100 Most Influential People
 While you might not agree with the ranking of these people, based on Michael H. Hart`s book `The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History`, it is fascinating to get a peek at their spiritual lives.
Society and Culture/Religion]
14 Rulers of England
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