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· 100 Most Daring Movies Ever Made
 A list that`s guaranteed to make you think, `Oh yeah ... that was a cool movie`. Each title is accompanied by a brief narrative explaining why the movie is considered to be daring, and some are even linked to pages containing more extensive info about the film.
· A-List Of Essential Films
 We`ve certainly not seen all of these, but at least some of our favorites are on the list. What about yours? Each film name links to reviews and lots more.
    [Source:Greatest Films!]
· American Film Institute`s 100 Funniest Movies
    [Source:American Film Institute]
· American Film Institute`s 100 Greatest Movies
    [Source:American Film Institute]
· American Film Institute`s 100 Most Thrilling Movies
    [Source:American Film Institute]
· Best All-Time Football Movies
 Long list of truly great movies with plots centered around the sport of american football. You`ll find titles, year debuted, actors names, and a short synopsis for each one. No links though.
    [Source:The Sandlot Shrink]
· Best Christmas Movies
 You`ll be surprised at what`s not on this list and amused by what is. We admire the author`s bravery,
    [Source:the MediaDrome]
· Currently Playing Top Grossing Movies
 Big screen buffs can`t miss this one. Excellent list with lots of info. and links to individual movie pages.
· Scariest Movies Of All-Time
 We liked the fact that we hadn`t even heard of some of these films. There are four of them we`ll be renting over the next few weeks. Each movie name link leads to much more information including more in depth descriptions and reviews.
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