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· 10 Reasons Why Bush Wants To Ban Fahrenheit 9/11
 No question Michael Moore`s film makes GWB uncomfortable. Here`s a list that tells you why..
· Pacronyms
 List of acronyms, abbreviations, initials, and common names of federal political action committees (PACs), prepared to help researchers readily identify committees when their full names are not disclosed on campaign finance reports. Originally compiled by the Washington Public Disclosure Commission in 1990. We usually turn a cold shoulder to lists that aren`t offered in HTML format, but we`ll make an exception.
    [Source:Federal Election Committe]
· Top 10 PAC`s By Contribution Amount
 Political Action Committees in order of their campaign contributions. The page actually contains many lists. You gotta` believe they all want something in return.
· Travel Expenditures By Members Of Congress
 Each member is ranked by total spending over the last ten years. Each name links to individual travel details. Wow... this is truly a great list.
· U.S. Electoral College Votes By State
    [Source:North Dakota Secretary of State`s Office]
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