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· 100 Most Often Misspelled English Words
 Alphabetical list of words that we`ve all had to look up at one time or another. Beside each one is a cute suggestion for remembering how it`s supposed to be spelled. Of course `misspell` is on the list.
· Collection Of Fallacious Arguments
 Curious list of commonly used, misleading and deceptive argument types. Based less on fact than emotion, these ways with words are typically used to achieve the objective of the speaker regardless of the truth. Each type links to an explanation.
    [Source:Don Lindsay]
· Collection of Top 10 Word Lists
 According to the people at, `the words were chosen by visitors to the company`s discussion board, the Agora, plus the staff and employees of the company--with the unofficial assistance of the world press corps throughout the year.`
· Common Latin Terms And Their Meanings
 Considering we`re the `locus classicus` of lists, we wonder what took us so long to post this one. Great page of very familiar Latin abbreviations and expressions. Good info to know.
· How To Say `Hello` In Different Languages
 It`s neat to greet whomever you meet. Covers 46 languages and provides phonetic spellings which help with pronunciation.
    [Source:Desert News]
· How To Say `No` In Over 520 Languages
 All right already... we can take a hint. But seriously, a long list, with great navigation. Not too pretty, but boy, somebody really did their homework.
    [Source:Jennifer`s Language Page]
· Master List Of Contractions
 If writing cannot, will not, or do not, is too much, then this list is for you. The list is located about half-way down the page.
    [Source:The Spel-Lang Tree]
· Merriam-Webster`s Words of the Year For 2004
 Top 10 words as determined by this venerable producer of word references. See also their link to the methodology behind the compilation of this list.
· Saying `Happy New Year` In Different Languages
 56 different ways to ring in the New Year.
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