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· Countries Along The Equator
 This list was so tough to find, we decided to just create it ourselves. The 12 territories and countries are shown as links leading to a wealth of information about each one.
· Countries Along The Zero Meridian
 8 countries sit along the zero degree longitude line, which extends from the North to the South poles and is sort of the vertical equivalent of the equator. Every place on Earth is measured in terms of its distance East or West of this line. All local times on Earth are also ultimately measured by the number of minutes before or after the time at this point (Greenwich Mean Time).
    [Source:on the line]
· Countries Ranked By Size
 Just one of the rankings on this page. Scroll down for Smallest Countries, Highest Pop. Density, Highest Inflation, and more.
· Countries With The Most Rain Forest Area
 Simple list on a `clean` (and appropriately green) page, dedicated to an important subject.
    [Source:Basic Science and Remote Sensing Initiative]
· Oceans And Seas Of The World
· World`s Largest Islands
· World`s Longest Natural Rock Spans
 Fun site whose passion for the subject really shines through. Each item on the list is accompanied by images and links to extensive background information.
    [Source:The Natural Arch and Bridge Society]
· World`s Longest Rivers
    [Source:Scottish Indoor Bowls]
· World`s Most Threatened Coral Reefs
 Good list with lots of links but presented with the infamous `dreadful gray background`.
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