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· 10 Best Foods For Longevity
 Supposedly these foods will help you live the longest life possible (all other things considered).
· Calorie Chart by Food Name
 Useful list burdened by a dreadful gray backround. Takes a while to load too, so be patient.
    [Source:Health Advantage]
· Calories Burned, By Activity
 Extensive list of activities and the calories they burn.
· Foods Ranked By Carbohydrate Content
 Could this list be anymore timely? Looks a little funny because of the `on-the-fly` conversion from pdf to html, but well worth it. Use your browser`s `find` feature to locate foods of interest.
    [Source:USDA via Google]
· The World`s Healthiest Foods
 We can`t say enough about this list. It presents useful, interesting content, on a simple page with lots of links leading to even more helpful information.
    [ - The George Mateljan Foundation]
· Top Ten Calorie Control Tips
 Excellent advice for those engaged in the never ending weight management battle.
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