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· Best Connected Universities
 Ranked list of educational insitutions that not only provide an enriched learning environment but make technology a priority as well.
· International Directory Of Architecture Schools
 Overall this is a very well organized list, with links to schools arranged by continent along with an abundant supply of related sidebar links. Beware the links followed by a `question-mark within a box` though. This indicates that the link did not respond (for one reason or another), when last checked by their automated system.
    [Source:University of Toronto]
· Schools Of Music Wordwide
 Giant list arranged initially by country. If this is what you`re looking for, you`ve come to the right place.
    [Source:Indiana University School of Music]
· Top 25 Business Schools Worldwide
 Not a long list, but its side-by-side presentation of published rankings from sources like The WSJ, BusinessWeek, Financial Times, and Forbes make it a terrific resource.
· World Political Science Graduate Programs
 Look no further. We actually found too many lists at this site to post individually. Well organized and very comprehensive.
· World Ranked Philosophy Graduate Programs
 According to the site these rankings `are based on reputational surveys [which did not include the universities name] completed by 266 philosophers throughout the English-speaking world.`
    [Source:The Philosophical Gourmet Report]
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